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Company History

The first of its kind.

In the early 1930’s, a German inventor named F.J. Kurth developed a design for diffusing air in ventilating and air conditioning. Kurth’s design used the principle of aspiration; his series of expanding conical rings produced a diffser that mixed room air and supply air to equalize the temperature and humidity without drafts.

Kurth and August Rust-Oppenheim founded what was then called Anemostat Corporation of America, which went into production in 1936 and produced one million units for some 50,000 installations in the first decade. During World War II, Anemostat made diffusers for anti-icing, cabin heating and ventilation aboard military aircraft. The company also made equipment for naval vessels and the Oak Ridge Atomic Plant in Tennessee.

After the war, Anemostat expanded its product line into commercial aviation and ground transportation, while maintaining a leadership in the construction industry that found the company’s products used in many of the finest structures in the world.
That proud tradition continues to this day.

Our products
and offerings

Whatever the application or requirement,
the Anemostat tradition of quality and innovation
will rise to the challenge.

Anemostat manufactures a complete line of air distribution equipment designed to meet the needs of an energy and safety conscious world. With energy costs escalating rapidly the demand for more efficient products increases just as steadily.

A growing world is facing an increasing need for precise environmental control. Whether it be an office building, a medical laboratory or the Space Shuttle, it will require maximum performance from its air handling system at a minimum cost in energy. No longer is it enough to design equipment that can move air quietly; it must be done to get the most out of every energy dollar while addressing IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) requirements and conditions.

The products include: diffusers, grilles, registers, terminal boxes, induction boxes and retrofit kits. In addition, Multi-Vent, and HCR products are used in hospital operating rooms, laboratories, vivariums and “clean” rooms, which have highly specialized air distribution requirements.

Our Certifications



Anemostat air distribution products are in many of the world’s most recognizable buildings, aircraft, ships and other transportation devices. These include the United Nations General Assembly Hall, The Superdome, the Space Shuttle, The University of Notre Dame Convocation Center, King Khalid Military City, Lockheed, Boeing and Sikorsky aircraft as well as the New York City Subway System, just to name a few.

The Anemostat personnel carries on the tradition of high quality and superior engineering working to bring you the finest quality products available. Our sales and marketing, along with our engineering and administrative offices, are located at our headquarters in Carson, California, just south of Los Angeles.

Anemostat’s products are sold by a nationwide network of over 84 representatives providing service for all of the United States and Canada. Additionally, we have specialized sales representation in the Americas, Asia, Middle East and a strategic licensed network throughout the world.


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